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Freitag, 4. Juni 2010, 11:50

GA-790FXTA-UD5 Produkt des Jahres in Dänemark

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Moin, Moin!


Das GA-790FXTA-UD5 wurde in Dänemark als „Produkt des Jahres  Gold“ ausgezeichnet:

Innovation/Technology - 4
A motherboard that can compete on most properties with next-generation chipset is somewhat an achievement. 333 technology is really a strong threesome which lifts 790FX technology to a new stage and makes the old guard attractive well into the future. You have all the new technology in the form of USB 3.0 and SATA-600, and simultaneously support for the Phenom II X6 CPUs and up to four graphics cards in CrossfireX.

Bundle/Accessories - 3
Bundle is as it should be without any extra goodies, all necessary cables, driver CD and manual, and the motherboard will recieve three points.

Design/Layout - 4
The placement of the sockets and cooling, etc.. on the motherboard is as it should be, and I find it very hard to find any configuration that will cause problems. A single little thing, is that large graphic cards placed in the top slot blocks the CMOS button. 4 points

Software/BIOS - 4
Gigabytes BIOS is really a joy to work with, and the MIT menu makes it easy to find the settings you are looking for. The only drag down is the missing OC profile. It therefore recieves a small 4.

Performance - 4
The motherboard was beaten by the 890GX, but it delievered a very reasonable overclock, while the benchmark results also approved. Despite 790FXTA-UD5 may see a small defeat here, I would still reward it with a score of 4 as the performance difference between the two tested motherboard is vanishingly small.

Price - 3
The motherboard can be yours for just over 1200, - DKK incl. delivery. Thereby the motherboard hits the general price level for 790FX motherboards, and can also boast the extra USB 3.0 and SATA-600 options. Not a word about upcoming 890FX models in this regard, and I certainly believe the price is worth a score of 3.




Freitag, 4. Juni 2010, 11:56

Und wie sieht es in Deutschland aus?
GA-P55-UD6, I7-860, CM V8, 2x2 GB OCZ PC3 10666 , WinXP SP3 32, Win7 32 & 64, 650W Thermaltake, 6x1 TB Seagate, RAID 0 & AHCI, BIOS & Treiber immer aktuell


Freitag, 4. Juni 2010, 12:01

Die genannten Vorzuege sind ja fast nicht mehr auszuhalten, so positiv sind sie. Und wie sieht es in Deutschland und dem Rest der Welt aus ?( ;)
GA-P55-UD6, I7-860, CM V8, 2x2 GB OCZ PC3 10666 , WinXP SP3 32, Win7 32 & 64, 650W Thermaltake, 6x1 TB Seagate, RAID 0 & AHCI, BIOS & Treiber immer aktuell

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